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Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Season 4 Episode 1

Super Dragon Ball Heroes - Season 4 Episode 1 - Animation TV Shows 10:14. story about A mysterious figure looks over the new universe's version of West City. Goku was attacked by Frieza and Meta Cooler. In the process, he is contacted by Xeno Trunks, who is at the Time Nest with Xeno Pan, Xeno Gohan, Xeno Goten and Supreme Kai of Time. Xeno Trunks informs Goku that Fu has actually created is merely a copy of the Seventh Universe; any damage inflicted on the buildings in the alternate West City is also transferred over to the real West City. Goku tries to escape, but he is attacked again by Frieza and Cooler. Hearts appears and rescues him. Goku is shocked, but Hearts explains that Demigra pulled his spirit body out of Hell and he wants Goku to help him destroy Fu. Goku and Hearts form an alliance against Frieza and Cooler. Hearts battles Cooler, while Goku taps into Ultra Instinct to subdue Frieza. However, a mysterious masked Saiyan with hair similar to Goku's appears and implants two dark red Dragon Balls into Frieza and Cooler, granting them a significant powerup.

Released: Jul 01, 2018

Runtime: 10:14

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Networks: YouTube